Frequently Asked Questions


Each day of camp is a little different, but there are elements of camp that show up consistently. Here’s a general idea of camp activities:

Morning Worship

Singing, storytelling, and invitation to hear God’s word.


Intentional time to talk to and listen to God.


Putting our gifts into practice. Because we humans are created in the image of God, the ultimate Creator, we are made to create. We intentionally set aside time to do this.

Biblical Experience

Interactive Bible study with tactile ways to experience scripture.

Take-it-easy time

A little rest after lunch to prep us for the rest of the day.

Afternoon singing

Laughing, singing, joke telling.

Afternoon activities

Active play, exercise, and team building. Past games include Superman kickball, water slides, obstacle courses, and relay races.

Free time

We have more free time than many camps because we encourage our campers to spend time really getting to know each other. This is a time to grow in relationship with others by talking, swimming, 9 square, crafts, puzzles, relaxing on the porch or in cabins.

*Note: this is the only time during the day we permit cell phone usage.

Relational Bible Study

Small group bible study/covenant group led by staff and support staff. A time to get closer to other campers, and learn more about yourself and God.

Evening Worship

We close the day with singing, prayer, and a message to wrap up the day’s activities and learning.


Special Worship Services:

Sharing of Gifts Worship Service

At the end of the week, on Friday night, we have a special worship service dedicated to sharing what God has shared with us this week.

Closing Worship

Camp ends with worship on Saturday morning. Parents are asked to arrive at 12 PM to pick up their campers. If we are finishing up worship, parents are invited to quietly join us until the conclusion of worship and camp.


How much does CCE cost and what does the cost of camp include?

Camp costs $325 per camper (a little more if you pay through PayPal). That fee covers lodging, 3 meals a day, a camp t-shirt, a folding chair, a notebook, and a few trinkets for camp. The only extra money you might need is for concessions.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp? What about tablets, smart watches and other electronics?

We invite our campers and staff to “unplug” during camp, to keep our minds present and our focus on building community with each other. We encourage you to bring only those things that will help us connect with one another here at camp, and we hope that you’ll consider leaving your devices at home. If you do decide to bring a cell phone, we only allow limited access to it. We take it up at registration and keep it in folder with your name on it, and you may use them for a defined time during free time each afternoon. You’ll get full access to your cell phones at the end of camp on Saturday.

I normally use my phone to take pictures. How can I take pics at camp?

We suggest you bring a camera if you’d like to take pictures. You may use your cell phone at the designated time during free time to take pictures as well.

If I can’t use my cell phone, how will my parents get in touch with me if there’s an emergency?

By calling Camp Caney or a CCE Director (Shelby Tichenor – 318-751-1297)

Does Camp Caney have wifi?

Unfortunately, due to their remote location, Camp Caney has no public wifi available.

Can I stay in a cabin with my best friend?

Each cabin has 2-3 adults and 6-8 campers. We don’t pre-assign cabins and they are first-come, first-serve at registration. Rest assured that we will do what we can to make you comfortable at camp!

What if I’m not United Methodist, I don’t go to church very often, or I’m not sure about God?

Camp Caney, where CCE is held, is affiliated with and supported by the United Methodist Church. BUT CCE is an ecumenical camp — all denominations, faiths, etc. are welcome here. If you don’t attend a church regularly or you aren’t sure about what you believe (or if you believe) about God, this is a safe place to question and to explore. It is our hope that you experience the love of God through Christian community at CCE.

Do I have to dress up for worship?

Not at all. No dress clothes are required or even encouraged for camp. Some people choose to dress up for our Friday night worship service, but many of us wear regular camp clothes. We want you to be comfortable in the heat of summer!

I have an event to attend that’s during camp. Can I only attend camp for part of the time?

We generally discourage leaving camp for any reason because your absence is felt and may disrupt community. Please contact one of the CCE directors with questions or concerns.

Can I have visitors at camp? What about my parents?

We generally discourage visitors because it may disrupt community. Parents are encouraged to drop off their campers at the beginning of camp and are allowed to come for closing worship on Saturday morning. Please contact one of the CCE directors with questions or concerns.

I don’t like swimming — do I have to bring a swimsuit?

Though you don’t have to swim in the lake for free time, we often have afternoon games that include water. We strongly encourage you to bring a swimsuit or clothes that will be comfortable while you wear them wet.

I have special dietary needs. What should I do?

Please make a note of your dietary needs on your CCE registration and contact one of the CCE directors with questions or concerns.

I take medicine everyday. What does that look like at camp?

Please make a note of your medications on your CCE registration. We generally ask that campers take care of their own medications, but we have staff that can be of help in special circumstances.

Please contact one of the CCE directors with questions or concerns.

I have restrictive and potentially life-threatening allergies. What should I do?

Please make a note of your allergies on your CCE registration and contact one of the CCE directors with questions or concerns.

Is Camp Caney accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes. Camp Caney’s buildings are accessible by ADA standards. However, because Caney has lots of hills to navigate, please contact one of the CCE directors if you use a wheelchair or have accessibility concerns, and we will do what we can to enable you so that your experience at Caney will be a good one.